Anyone from Pennsylvania still around?

I live in NW Pennsylvania, and I am looking for others in my area that are interested in the Adruino or robotics. I am expecting my first Arduino Mega AVR ATmega1280-16AU in the mail shortly. This will me my first microcontroller project. In the past, I have used crude jamming methods (with doides and gates)to get the desired function. Then moved on to hacking a parallel port on old PC's, and using Qbasic to control it. I am interesting in building robot. This will be my 5th robot, and would like to use all the things I learned from the past.

I want to build a octopod with ultrasound range finders, servos for locomotion, and contact switches for each foot(or equivalent). I would also like the robot to "seek" its charging station when the voltage is low, and "plug" itself in until charged. I also would like the robot to be able to climb stairs and "know" it is up stairs, so if its voltage gets low, it can safely navigate to the downstairs charger. Once I get it mobile I would like to add other functions such as speech recognition. Also optional, would be if the front 2 legs could pivot again and be used as hand.

Thanks in advance.


What part of Pennsylvania?

I'm not very advanced and I have to admit that though I own one, I haven't gotten started with it yet. I can solder and I'm also interested in different microcontrollers. I own an Arduino, 4x20 LCD, Sparkfun Joystick and Gameduino. I also own some Microchip pics, an AT Tiny, an MSP430 and I have a Parallax Propeller.

Until I get to know you, I may suggest a public place like a library, mall or supermarket with food tables. Even Panera Bread might work.

Feel free to email me.


I too live in Pennsylvania, 30 miles south of Erie, PA. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and have many micro controllers such as the Arduino, Propeller, Basic Stamp, Pic Chips and MSP430. I am currently working on a Arduino Pro Mini interfaced serially with a Propeller.

PA as well.. South of allentown.

I am from Lebanon, Pa

New to the forum [and sorry for digging up an old thread] - anyone still around? I'm over in Allentown area (between Easton and Bethlehem). Went to school for EET and been collecting a lot of electronics parts over the years. Now getting back into it - when not doing house projects or working...


Chris from Pittsburgh, PA here. Former US Air Force avionics technician. Day job now is Sr. Embedded SQA Technician. Starting my EE degree shortly. Anyone else around the Pittsburgh area, I'd be great to meet up and bounce around projects.

Anyone based in Central PA???

Bucks County Pa here. Just outside of Philly. I am a newbie to Arduino. I have the UNO

Brand new user here, North end of Bucks County, PA. Bought an Arduino Uno in order to access and reprogram an EEPROM chip in a 'programmable' fan I got at a trade show. Some programming experience, but not in Java or C++, and not microcontrollers or anything near it. My knowledge base is from AutoLiSP, HTML, and BASIC (years ago).

Looking to learn something new and have some fun!

Hi all,

Pittsburgh here. I'm just getting started using Arduino. I got it for a scale model I am building. It is a 1:350 scale Enterprise NX -01 from the tv show Enterprise). I'm using the Arduino to control the assorted flashing lights (markers and strobes) and also to create the effects seen on the warp nacelles.

The markers and strobes use a simple routine to flash the leds at varying intervals. The nacelle effect is done by fading 6 leds at random, at random speeds (both ramp up and down), to random intensity with a set upper limit so they don't get too bright. I've been told by some it is the closest to the on-screen effect they have seen. That's about all I have done with it at yhe moment.

Hey Picks-birder's I live in da burgh too. Still learning things Arduino and refining what I know.

I don't get around much but one of these months I want to go see the Pittsburgh club I found still active online.

Yes. There are some people still around in Pa. Although there isn't much happening.
Working with Arduino and various other projects.

I could drive 8 hours from here to reach the other side of the state if I went 10 over the limit on the pike, there can be loads happening that I'd not see but hey, the local club has sub-groups so I guess that "not much" is relative to your idea of "much".

You never know, some Silence of the Lambs type might be using Arduinos to monitor his or her's Craig's List prisoners and as cooking timers......

Also from Erie, PA. Interested in the Arduino 101, Bluetooth 4.0, and Android. Anybody getting into this?