anyone get AT45DB161D dataflash to work?

Has anyone had success with the Atmel Dataflash AT45DB161D?

There's playground code for the B rev, but the D is currently available and the playground code doesn't work for me.

I found this code which doesn't work. It does print all zeros for the device ID and status, then hangs. It won't even do that if I try to use a different slave select.

I'm wondering of the voltage levels are marginal? The specs say the AT45DB161D should put out at least 3.1V when Vcc=3.3V, and the ATmega328 should accept at least 3.0V when its Vcc=5V, but 0.1V just isn't much margin in my mind. I'm thinking of building a 3.3V arduino serial (I think I have enough parts).

If someone can give me a sanity check on either of those libraries, it will help me cut down on the troubleshooting search space...

thanks, j

I just picked up a few of these from Sparkfun. I have not had a chance to try them yet. Have you had any luck yourself?


Haven’t had a chance to try again. I did manage to assemble the hardware for a 3.3V ATmega328 arduino, but haven’t gotten as far as flashing the bootloader or running any software.