Anyone got a C# library for the Arduino?

Hi! I would like to implant my Arduino in some C# applications, but I just can't find any libraries for it. If there is anyone out there who has one, please share it with me ;)

Thank you ;D

Hi David,

The Net-Framework (2.0) provides the class System.IO.Ports.SerialPort for this. Assuming you are using some type of VisualStudio IDE, check the documentation for this class for examples on how to send bytes over this port to the arduino.


Hi wayoda!

I have just one little question... where do I get the documentation? :-[

Hi david,

..where do I get the documentation?

Google for "System.IO.Ports.SerialPort" should turn up lots of links. Since the class is also part of the Net-Framework you'll find the Microsoft-docs by hitting F1 in your c#-IDE. Eberhard