Anyone got docs for Atmel001 Simmstick?

I’ve got a project coming up that would use ATTiny2313s as I2C peripherals for Arduinos. “Among my souvenirs”, :slight_smile: I have some Simmstick boards I bought years ago that I’d like to use for prototyping. Unfortunately, the company that made them appears to have gone to The Great Lab in the Sky, and the only documentation I’ve been able to find online is a partial schematic.

If you had more foresight than I did, and stashed away a copy of the documentation while it was still on the InterWebz, please post a link or email me a copy (I have broadband, so big attachments aren’t a problem).



I remember seeing this on the net quite a while ago. Another nifty idea that has dissappeared in obscurity. Reminds me of the TINI range.

Perhaps this could be of assistance

I think the fact that the socket originally used is no longer used on PC motherboards could be a major negative for this design.

Thanks, geek. Unfortunately, Don was surprised by the disappearance of the Atmel001 maker, and didn’t have backup copies of the documents, either :frowning:

The Simmstick line has been discontinued now, and some/all of the remaining boards have been discounted by as much as 75%. If anyone is thinking of playing with the low-end AVRs, the CPU boards would be a cheap way of creating a “processor core module”.