Anyone have a Nebulophone synth?

Just wondering what your thoughts were on

I purchased a kit and later plan on building a x0xb0x.

I ordered one ages ago - thought it looked and sounded great - it was for delivery to family in Europe to send on to me in Dubai. Will chase it up and find out where it is. I have a lot of fun playing my Auduino and the Nebulophone looked like being as much fun to fiddle with.

In the meantime I have converted a 5 dollar kids keyboard to an Arduino synth, it is not as cool as the Nebulophone which I think is a gorgeous little device (from a tinkering and design perspective), but its a lot cooler than you would expected it to be.

In case anyone is wondering -

Duane B

Hi, Tracked it down, it was sent promptly to my in-laws who have been hiding it at the back of a drawer ever since.

How is yours ?

It will be Christmas before I get my hands on mine.

Duane B

I was given one for Christmas this year and assembled it that night. I love it! Once you learn all of its capabilities it gets even better.

Bleeplabs also provided the Arduino script to encourage customizing. Once I become more familiar with Arduino I hope to be able to change things up a little bit and see what happens.

Hi, I finally got hold of mine as well, its a nice little device. If I could change one thing I would add more keys, other than that it has some really nice features - 32 step sequencer, low pass filter with lfo modulation and a nice variety of voices with adjustable sustain.

I have written a mini review of the Nebulophone, Korg Monotron and Dubreq Stylophone all of which I picked up over the holidays, I will publish the review on rcarduino in the next week or so.

Duane B