Anyone have done graphics on Noritake GU-7000 series VFD?

VFD as in Vacuum Fluorescent Display, not Variable Frequency Drive. I've had great success using Noritake's CU series display since they are pretty much HT44780 compatible and works with LCD library straight up minus the ability to adjust display brightness. For anyone wondering, pin 3 used for LCD contrast isn't needed on VFD and can be left out. There is no pin 15 and 16 as those are for LCD backlighting.

I wanted to display graphics on GU-7000 series like this one: but the link in description is dead and when I looked around, I found Arduino guide but only shows how to display text on GU-7000 series display, not one bit of info on how to display graphic.

I looked around and only found one on display graphics with Arduino, a dog demo game but the code doesn't appear to explain much in details how the graphic was loaded into the display. It seems like something is trying to tell me Arduino can't do graphic on VFD. There is a guide with AVR studio but it's a bit different and I have no experience there.

All I wanted was to display bitmapped display, not animation or anything fancy. The image would only change depending on status. So anyone here that knows of GU-7000 series? GU-3000 might be similar enough that the code could work.

I have experience with the GU-7000 series. I have displayed both text and graphics using Arduino on GU-7000 series modules.

The GU-7000 code library that Noritake has includes functions for all the different commands applicable to GU-7000 modules (downloadable from the same quick start guide page that you talked about). What module are you working with?

Also, there are example programs included in the GU-7000 code library. One of them is a bitmap drawing program that displays a 140x16 monochrome image of the Noritake logo. This should help you get started. All that needs to happen to the display is for it to be initialized to the correct resolution, model, and generation and then the drawImage function be used while passing in the height and width of the image along with its raw data.

There is also a useful bitmap conversion tool that can generate monochrome bitmap data for you:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope this helps!

Vitention: What module are you working with I found one cheap off eBay. I didn't think to check the download file, I only looked through the examples and docs that were online and didn't see any obvious info on displaying graphics.

Update: got home, downloaded files, looked at them. They seems to be coded for a different platform and not for Arduino IDE. Example:

#include "../src/config.h"
#include "../src/Noritake_VFD_GU7000.h"
Noritake_VFD_GU7000 vfd;
int main() {
    vfd.GU7000_drawFROMImage(0x0, 16, 16, 16); // Display the image antenna 16X16

The files seems like they could be used with Arduino but it is somewhat gibberish to me so I'd have to poke around to figure out how to make Arduino based code that correctly calls from various config files to set pinout, mode (serial or parallel), and how to pass command and data.

Seems Noritake hid the Arduino library a bit too well. I found them: and there is example that explains bitmapped graphics.

Edit: example are in the download link on the web page in the above link. The web page only shows how to setup and send text.

UPDATE to anyone who finds this via Google using GU series and bitmap program from Noritake, the bitmap program's copy to clipboard does not include PROGMEM and depending on the size of the image, Arduino will run out of RAM space trying to load the whole bitmap and display corrupted graphic instead. Add PROGMEM to the variable line before data line as described in the link.