Anyone have Due working on Win7-32bit ??

running win7 32-bit... install 1.5.2, follow Due install instructions, all seems well. I see in win dev mgr "arduino due programming port" but there is NO COM port associated with it in parenthesis as one would expect.

When I go into advanced properties of the port, and try to mark it as (for example) COM22 the device manager takes an exception and crashes.

same machine running uno, mega, no problems. works fine. can re-assign COM port at will, devmgr works as expected.

take the same Due board/cable and move it to two other Win7 machines (both 64bit OS), and no problems - so board/cable and 1.5.2 driver install is good on those machines with Win7 64-bit.

this seems to indicate an issue with the win7-32bit OS.

is there a problem with the win7 32-bit driver install???

i'm dead in the water without getting past this hump. Any suggestions?

I have a win7 32bit system running here. When I do control panel -> hardware and sound -> devices and printers then I get Arduino due Programming Port (Com 14) I have a chinese Due clone with the native USB port onl wich also works fine.

After pushing the erase button the usb config frequently changes. You're sure your win machine runs properly?

Tnx for the reply.

Yes as i say, the same win7-32 confuser is running just fine with my many other Arduino boards (Uno/Mega and clones of it) and other USB devices that i plug into it. I use it all the time for other development tasks.

this problem ONLY occurs on this machine with the Due connected. The only thing that was different was the Win7 variant (32 bit vs 64 bit) which is why I suspected the OS. But if you say you are running OK on Win7 installed as 32 bit, then that blows that idea out of the water.

i get ALMOST the same output from device mgr that you did - Arduino due Programming Port WITHOUT the "(Com 14)" at the end - thats the problem...

everything seems fine - EXCEPT i cant associate a port with it... any attempt to do so via the device manager advanced options simply causes an exception and the device manger crashes. But if I do the same thing with a UNO or Mega device, all is well.

any suggestions not involving reloading the machine would be helpful. Foraging around on the internet to find out what causes the "(COM nn)" to be appended to the device has not been successful.

anyone with other ideas?

under what conditions would the win7 dev mgr not put a "(COM NN)" to the device ?

what is preventing it?