Anyone heard of MULTIWII? Need help

Alright, I posted this topic on the multiwii forum but there doesnt seem to be anyone there(I had to repost it several times) so I thought that I might get lucky and someone here might help me. Here's my issue:

I have been working on this quad for two months and im 99.9999999% done. Last step is to make it fly but It just wont. I noticed something interesting. The led blinks very fast at the beginning(this is normal) for 2-3 seconds. Then after 10 seconds or so, It blinks again very fast. On the multiwii GUI, the acc freezes for 2-3 seconds at the beginning but works fine after(I am using original wmp + generic nunchuck). BTW, I am using bluetooth to control my quad and I can't arm the quad(the led still stays off besides the 10 sec blink).Maybe the blinking is because of the bluetooth settings? I looked at the multiwii FAQ and there is no such info on the way the LED acts.The blinking happens with or without bluetooth connected. Any ideas?

Any help is appreciated :)