Anyone here using SegMeter or an ADE7753 energy monitor solution?

Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone is using a SegMeter and can provide some reviews on it. I've looked around and although their site is up and running nobody here seems to have posted about it yet.

I'm also considering The ADE7753 chip setup - a few people have expressed interest in it as well but I don't see any followup. Superficially seems like an ideal monitoring chip for high accuracy.

SegMeter link -

ADE7753 -

what is a SegMeter? Idem ADE7753? do you have a link?

What is your goal?

You show interest in two things but for me (and I think many others) it is unclear what you would like to accomplish. In general on a forum the more info you give about your question/project/problem the chance of a better answers increases dramatically. So please, tell us more!

Sorry - updated.

SegMeter is an arduino based project to do just that, but doesn’t appear to have that great accuracy. ADE7753 is a chip that does most of the monitoring for you without needing to constantly poll.

Looking to monitor my energy usage at home with some decent accuracy and not a lot of expense :slight_smile:

I should also mention that although I have done several searches there seems to be a lot of people talking about things but not a lot of decisions or final products or reviews on how well products work.

Most sensors, for example, seem to use CTs but people tend to recommend hall effect sensors. Still doing research but any pointers or help for near-complete or ready-made products would be greatly appreciated!

I live in an apartment-condo so there’s no external meter to tap into… and I’m not convinced that the readings that I get on my monthly bill are accurate either.

Really any pointers on an accurate home energy monitoring system would be helpful. I've found a few projects that look feasible that use Current Transducers but none that use Hall Effect sensors.


I purchased a SegMeter (bare board) and enclosure but have not yet assembled it. It's a fairly straightforward kit, the board itself seems well designed, software / schematic / board etc all available online. Sam at SmartEnergyGroups is extremely helpful and responds quickly to email.

Am currently working on a project with AVR assembly, will be back on the SegMeter once I've completed it.

I use the Brultech ECM-1240 energy monitor (, it's a mature device with an easily accessible protocol, great support, etc.

I looked at the ADE7753 pretty thoroughly a while back and thought I might eventually apply it. What kind if sensors are you thinking about using?

I feel pretty stupid. I checked Brutech's site and their products look pretty interesting but for the life of me, I can't find any product descriptions on their site. Can you point me in the right direction?

It's not you, their site needs work. This page has some useful links on the left hand side...

They also sell split and fixed CT sensors that work out-of-the-box with their meter. Pretty nice. Their technical information on the site is decidedly Windows-focused but they are very open with their protocol/etc. I bought two of these a couple of years ago before there were a lot of other options (or documented examples); they work quite well. I wanted to build a SEGMeter to do a feature- and price comparison.

It's not you, their site needs work. This page has some useful links on the left hand side...

Ah, that's better. Thank you! Yeah, needs work is a complement.

Ah, that’s better. Thank you! Yeah, needs work is a complement.

I was being generous .

BTW, Maxim also has a series of energy metering SoC devices (71M65xx series) that look interesting:|1P%2F2P

I keep wanting to build my own hardware because I enjoy doing that. Those Maxim chips do look interesting. On the other hand, some of the pre-packaged solutions are pretty tempting as well.

Foe example, the Kill-A-Watt wireless sensors seem cost effective. I’ve just started a project to try to extract their protocol.,67568.msg496658.html#msg496658

Not trying to hijack this thread. Just mentioning another possibility.

No worries about hijacking - but I'm more looking for a central entry-panel-based monitoring system without needing to monitor many outlets.