Anyone here with a job completely unrelated to electronics/computers?

I've recently started working at accounting because that's what I have a degree in.
But I'm feeling quite weird and alienated there. People there are all about finances and stocks and stuff and I don't have anything in common with them.
Also when I come home it feels kinda weird how all I really care about are programming and electronics.
Basically the reason I'm working is so I can afford cool modules :sweat_smile:
Anyone else also working a job unrelated to computers and electronics?

Teach SCUBA diving

That's a cool job

It is locally called "retirement".

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Untranslatable German Word


Yes, I'm a Janitor :slight_smile:

I take care of my home, friends and family, finance and garden (retired).

If what you like is computer science and want that to be your career, then work your way to make it happen…

Even though I have not taken that path myself, I think there is something to be said for keeping the thing you love to do a hobby, and doing something else as a job. Even though getting paid to do the thing you love can be great, and can also provide opportunities to advance much farther in that field than would be possible with the limited resources you can devote to a hobby, you also risk it poisoning the thing that was once special to you.

This is exactly why I never seriously considered a career in computers. I know it will take my only hobby from me.

I am a software engineer and Arduino is my hobby. Working on enterprise systems is very different than the low level coding and electronics with Arduino.

Animal nutritionist. I use Arduino to make some automated devices to be used inside a lab and also in dairy farms :slight_smile:

and i am still a student :rofl: and going to enter teaching line. Although i like electronic & electricals.

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