Anyone in 46500 France looking to set up a local group.

Hello Folks,

I am a Welshman living in France and working with Arduino and ATmel CPUs. I am looking to try and get a user group together for winter meetings and collaborative projects. I run a small B&B in the summer and so my time it limited but after September i have lots of time to dedicate. I speak some french but would not call myself fluent. Perhaps this group could serve as a language exchange also but with a theme of Arduino development.

If you are interested then please drop me a PM.

I have also been thinking about running residential programming/hardware design workshops from my B&Bin the winter over a weekend. If anyone thinks they would like to help to organize these than also lease drop me a PM

Cheers Pete.


Postes plutôt sur le forum francophone, (sous-forum bar, en français bien entendu), tu auras plus de chance d'avoir une réponse.

Post in french on french-forum to have more chance to have a responce