Anyone in Denver or Colorado?

Funny I haven't seen anyone else from Denver listed - got to be some folks so where are you guys??

I'm in Aurora and I just started with the Arduino. I have been a Builder / Maker all my life and just returned to electronics.

I'm in Buena Vista. I just a advancing newbie. I sure wist there was a group here!


Iam in Littleton. I have built a lot of projects. I need help reading a EMV SmartCard if someone wants to help start a business! WAMKIDS@YAHOO.COM

Lafayette, Colorado here...

Elizabeth. Just getting started with Arduino, microcontrollers and electronics in general. Could be fun.

Hello -- I live in New Mexico, but it doesn't seem to be very much in this area. I hope to move to Boulder after graduation.

Hell-ooooooooooooooooooooooo out there from Keenesburg Colorado. I am a 60 yo maker messing around my whole life never anything big.

I live in Aurora. My Christmas display is AC and uses Arduino Uno for controllers and a Raspberry Pi for the file server. Now I'm playing with WS2811 pixel strips for a 54 x 7 scrolling sign.