Anyone in NJ or NYC interested in helping - Paid?


I recently created a nice CNC machine (the mechanical part, but not the electronics). The mechanical part is very nice and I created from scratch mostly from Home Depot parts. I have the application Arduino gcode sender all set up and that works - version 9 at 115200 baud. That part all works.

One problem. I am horrible at electronics and cannot seem to figure it out even with written instructions. I am using Arduino with DRV8825 cnc shield. I have the power set up and for a while my stepper motors were moving, but all in one direction. Could not go backwards. I was playing with the current and I think I fried everying. Now, nothing works. So frustrating!!!!

I just ordered a new board from Amazon and it should come tomorrow. My question is, would anyone be willing to hep me set up the electronics portion? If you live anywhere in NJ, eastern PA or NYC, I would bring my computer, the motors and Arduino board to your place and perhaps you could teach me. I learn well by doing. I would naturally pay you. I would not need to bring the CNC machine, just the electronics. Once I have the stepper motors working, the rest I am good with.

This would be kind of like a tutor. Happy to pay a good price if anyone near me would be willing to help in person (I would come to you).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Please don't spam the forum with many copies of the same request. Have a little patience after a post.