Anyone interfacing Arduino with LabView on PC/Mac?

Is anyone using LabView to interface with Arduinos these days? A few years ago (2010?) NI programmers put together the LIFA (LV Interface for Arduino), but it was a rough first draft, buggy, slow, and got absolutely no support from its makers. There was a forum where questions were never answered. It seems they have totally abandoned LIFA.

Then there was LINX -- came along in 2013-4? but I don't see any evidence anyone ever used it. There's very little info at above page or so-called support site:

The best I can tell, it's a PC/linux? app that would allow serial comm with various microcontrollers via LabView, but you might need significant Arduino C expertise to make it work?

In the last year or so (2015?), I see a new candidate has appeared, a commercial product

-- free trial, then $99 for student/home use, $499 for commercial use. From brief look at docs, it tries to convert LV code to C, before sending to the compiler. There, again, is a forum, but very little activity suggests almost no use. What there is, months old, suggests major problems compiling into recent versions of the Arduino IDE. Any experience with it here?

For my own projects, I've been using Processing to interface actively with Arduino programs, which works fine, but doesn't have the graphical refinement of LabView, and has a bit of its own learning curve. So, I've NO need/desire myself to run a LV interface, but the question has come up in a group I work with, that's trying to attract students to learning graphical programming / LabView for robotic activites (FRC).

Our lab was using LabVIEW with Arduinos a lot. It was instrumental to our experiments. (I have since left the lab, but they are still using it.) The original programming was done with LIFA. Then, development work was done to support newer versions of LabVIEW, I think a 2015 x64 version. LIFA wasn't compatible, so we switched to LINX.

We used it with Leonardos and Duemilanove's. It was always a bit hit and miss to make LIFA work right, and we would have to experiment with which board was compatible. LINX seemed to work fairly well after we figured out how to use it. It wasn't incredibly intuitive either, and I agree, the documentation is spotty at best.

LINX's source code hasn't been updated since last year (, so it might be abandoned.

For your group, I would say if someone spends enough time with LINX, it will work (or LIFA for that matter under old versions of LabVIEW). I would strongly recommend making some tutorials before using it as a teaching resource. I haven't looked into the commercial option at all, but if they are providing support, it would hopefully have an easier learning curve.