anyone know a script for radio shack camera board

I'm trying to create a radio shack camera board robot that uses the camera board as the eyes of the project and run two dc motors to react to its field of vision. Could anyone help me out on this project

What are you using for a processor? A standard 16 MHz Arduino does not have fast enough processing capability to be really useful unless the environment is static and only the robot is moving, and then only a little bit at a time between picture snaps as it will take quite a while to decipher anything from the photo.

run two dc motors to react to its field of vision.

The field of vision of the camera is fixed. I see nothing to react to.

If you mean that you want to react to something IN THE FIELD OF VISION, you need to explain how you are going to get data from the camera, how you are going to analyze that data to determine what you need to react to, AND what kind of reaction you expect to have.

i mean i want facial recognition and I’m using arduino uno.

My comment above still stands - not enough processing power in a 16 MHz Arduino for that in a reasonable response time.

what should i use then for a micro controller?or what do you recommend, i have everything wired correctly i just can't figure out what sources of programs for facial recognition or codes that go with the camera, other than its demo script for the critter cam. which i already have built for fun.

Maybe it’s field of vision reacts to any object it confronts within a certain distance in inches then reroutes it’s direction. is that possible with this camera shield.

what should i use then for a micro controller?

A Beagle Bone, Raspberry PI, or perhaps a Teensy 3.6. Not an Arduino, though.