Anyone know if cyanoacrylate superglue can strengthen an ABS or ASA 3d print?

I've printed some toothed gears, some in ABS and some in ASA materials, but sometimes the outer layer of deposited thread on the print shears away when under load, it isn't quite as well bonded to the other concentric path shapes as it ought to be. And the shearing is particularly likely on whichever tooth has the "seam" of the print paths on it, the point where the nozzle staretd the path and ended it on each layer. The situation is a little like under-extrusion, but I'd much rathr not print the part again if I can help it. Any idea if dripping some cyanoacrylate superglue down between the concentric loops on a finished print would help? Squirting some down so as to fill in and stick within the "under-extrusion" gaps between concentric filament paths? Thanks

Seems like an issue more appropriate for the RepRap Forum where they specialise in 3D printing.


Could simply be the settings you use in your slicing software.

Have had a similar issue with lower layers peeling and all I did was up the printing temperature 5 C.
Also check your outer wall thickness and maybe add to that too.

Without knowing what it is being used for and the torque etc. it is hard to give specific advice.

Use of an exterior bonding agent may also depend on the type of filament being used.

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Acetone vapour bath.


Epoxy is a better choice than cyanoacrylate.

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