Anyone know of an affordable, tiny rgb addressable?

Hi there,
So I had been planning to use an sk6812 mini, but I can't find anywhere they can be bought other than bulk. I'm hoping to find an addressable rgb led which is about 3mm3mm1mm. They'll be going into a custom array. Does anyone know of anything like this?


I didn’t see any addressable RGB LEDs that were smaller than 5mm, such as WS2812B, which looks to be the same 5mm size as sk6812.

WS2812B.pdf (381 KB)


5mm really is too big, space is a real premium for this array. the sk6812 are 5mm, but the sk6812mini are 3.3mm


SK6812 mini size is 3.5mm3.5mm,no 3mm3mm addressable rgb led.

SK6812 MINI 3535 LED Datasheet.pdf (468 KB)