Anyone know of Robin2's status?

Does anyone know how Robin2 is doing?

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@PerryBebbington and I have been in touch with him by email. He has been ill and undergoing treatment and is putting his hobby efforts into railway modelling for which he uses Arduino to control various aspects

It is a while since I was last in touch so Perry may have more details

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If you or Perry do get in touch with him, please send my best wishes. I do hope that he will recover and rejoin us.

I went through chemo and radiation a few years ago and it is no fun. But have been cancer free* since so it was worth it.

*knock on wood.

Will do

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Add my best wishes too. We miss him around here !


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I have been in touch with Robin and he has given me this to share with you all:

Hi Perry, and thanks for making contact. I had been thinking of sending you an email anyway.

I'm in good form.

The chemotherapy has already reduced my cancer to about 50% of its original size which is good news though I don't know how much that means for the long term prognosis. At the same time I have a lot less energy compared to how I was in 2018 (say).

Life in an apartment in Macclesfield is very different from when I lived on the narrowboat on the canal where I was close to nature and could move about if the humour took me. But I am enjoying the compensations of a fixed address such as Amazon deliveries!

I'm beavering away at my N-gauge model railway - a small slice of the Canadian Pacific railroad across the Rocky Mountains where I had a memorable ride in the cab of a freight train in October 1999. I have an Arduino Mega with a motor shield and a downloaded program called DCC++EX to control my trains (works very well) and I'm planning to use some nanos as slaves to operate turnouts and detect the presence of trains.

Hope you and yours are all well and having fun.

Best wishes



Perry, please pass this on for me:

I am pulling for you, Robin. As, I am sure, is everyone here. Hope to see you back someday.

Thanks for sharing.

Miss Robin2 very much, hope for things to get resolved.

Done as requested.

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Thanks for that Perry. I am glad to hear that he is doing reasonably well, albeit not out of the woods.

I was wondering how he was and was considering emailing him myself but didn't want to pester him

Please pass on my best wishes to him

Well speaking for only myself when I am ill I am happy to hear from people I care about, and who care about me!

Please pass on my best wishes to him



Thanks for the update, Perry. I miss the weekly infusion of Robin's wisdom.


Great news that its down 50%, chemo can be rough so it looks like Robin is taking it in his stride.

Pass on my regards, Tom... In remission 9 years. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks Perry.

same here, thanks for the news and pass on our best wishes for a full recovery.

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He is missed by many but good to hear he is doing better.

Please also pass on my best wishes for his early recovery.
As a fellow railway modeller, I'd like to hear about his experience with DCC++EX.

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