Anyone know the makers of 2.8 Inch TFT LCD Shield Touch Display

Just seeing if anyone know the company who makes the 2.8 Inch TFT LCD Shield Touch Display Screen Module For Arduino?

I know a lot of companies sale them and I was hoping to find out the company that actually makes the boards.


That one is Mcufriend. 8080-8 parallel interface with resistive Touch panel

SeeedStudio, Waveshare and Adafruit make displays with SPI interface and often with intelligent Touch Controller chips (Waveshare and Adafruit)

There is nothing too technical. Standard pcb designs. The physical TFT panel may come from several makers. So the pcb is often designed to accept different flexi-ribbons.

Note that Mcufriend often omit the AMS1117 regulator and almost always omit the proper series resistor for the backlight.
Other companies are better behaved.


Here is a good site that has 2 models both even state they are for Arduino tft-displays, I just picked up a ra8875 5" from that site for under half the price of Adafruit and its all in one with loads of extra functionally spi-800x480-ra8875

Yes, BuyDisplay provide a good service for a wide range of displays.

The question was about a single-pcb Display Shield.
BuyDisplay only sell separate Displays with a separate Adapter Shield.

Note that their (East Rising) 40-pin displays are only compatible with their (excellent) adapters.
They do not match the common 40-pin Mega Adapter Shields.