Anyone know this part number? Arduino Pro Mini

Does anyone know what the arduino pro mini 8mhz uses as a resonator? I can’t figure out what the part number is. Mine is damaged and I can’t find another one that is the same size.


I don't know what the part number is but I did find something similar at Digikey. If you search for "SMD resonator ceramic 8MHz" and then select "built in capacitor", 8MHz, and "Cut Tape", you will get a list of 9 in stock parts.

The best matches look like the ones from Murata or Panasonic which all have a frequency tolerance of +/- 0.5%. Digikey part 490-1219-1-ND looks just fine but you will have to check the size on the datasheet against the part you are replacing.

You could also ask on the Sparkfun board.

It’s the Murata. CSTCE8M00G55-R0 or one of the indistinguishable variants thereof.