Anyone knows a very precise GPS sensor?

I need to track and map precisely the route of a robotic ball with 8cm of diameter. I'd need a very accurate precision, because the ball itself is already small. The best I could find was a 10 meter precise GPS sensor. Anyone knows a more precise one? Don't know if it matters, but I will use an Arduino Nano or Mini. Thank you very much!

I’m not aware of a sensor that is small enough to fit into the specs you mentioned but i do know most small GPS sensors work off of WAAS signal which has to be advertised as 10m accuracy. I have worked with WAAS for many years in agricultural equipment guidance systems and 10m is the absolute worst case senario. 95% of the time its much more accurate +/- 1m.

I can understand what you're saying. I have not seen the same results with WAAS.

You're telling me an individual reading never goes past 10m from being correct. I've seen readings 20m off.

95% of the time within 1m? I will guess 50% of the time within 1m, which is not bad!

Where can we see the actual ratings for different GPS chip family/categories?

Here is our discussion about accuracy and precision, I would like to understand this, please help.,118012.0.html

I doubt any sort of GPS is even going to get you close to the accuracy you want. Even getting that much accuracy out of a top of the line differential GPS + Inertial system would be very hard and at that point we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If at all possible I might try vision tracking from the outside.

Hi @Mvitsor,

I have used GPS chips on a number of occasions, and I have a few questions. First, are you planning on using this ball indoors or out. Secondly, do you need GPS lock tracking, or could you use a Mindstorms ball-tracking sensor or something like that? Third, do you need location services contained in the ball or not? If you can answer these questions for me, I can help you better. Good luck.

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