Anyone made Arduino use LANC to control a Camera?

I had the idea that it would be nice if I can get my Arduino to send out signals to my Sony (Video) camera via LANC to take a photo at set intervals - kind of like time-lapse.

I found which indicates that the LANC protocol is somewhat known (and a subset of it also works for Cannon cameras). But it can be a little tricky to get working. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to include a command to take a still image - only to start recording to tape, but I might be able to scan a remote signal control to find this.

I guess the other option is to send a digital output from Arduino to a relay which essentially presses (shorts) the appropriate button on the remote control. Simpler, but less flexible and also less robust as I have to rig the remote control to point at the camera.

So I thought I would see if anyone has tried LANC interfacing or got it working.


Hi there, I have never used arduino with Lanc, but i'm also investigating it. I found in the lanc coding, and if you scroll down you will find there is one for taking pictures. I would rather use a digital picture camera (i have used my canon rebel slr, with 2.5mm remote jack) in order to take time-lapsed pictures. more info on lanc?

hope it helps, good luck, /me

I just wanted to mention that Tom PM'ed me about this, and said it would be ok to post this to the forum. It is not a LANC system, but it is pretty damn shiny.

I saw your posting about controlling a video camera with the LANC protocol. (Thanks for the link, BTW...)

I'm working on an intervalometer for a digital still camera. Not exactly the same app, but it's the same general idea.

A while back, someone pointed me to the LA-110 dual solid state relay. It's pretty cool - two SPST (Form A) relay contacts in an 8 pin DIP package, with inputs driven like LEDs. Perfect fit for a micro app.

You can see the state of my project at

(I've abandoned the 28X1 Picaxe in favor of the Arduino. I'm learning how to program it as I speak.)

Good luck with your project!

Tom Lackamp "TJ"

Note, Tom has now got the Arduino version at

And thanks Raimundo - those links had much clearer LANC info that I was able to find.

It's in german, but looks like a solution for an arduino-lanc camera control:

Does anybody figure out how to make a skeleton .pde with it?

for the random searcher who comes across this.

This may be a solution.

I will work out an application, we'll see.

I want to do time-lapse with me dcr-sr200.

Somebody have a good solution

have you seen this?

I want to take the arduino LANC cotrol a stage further and control two camcorders simultaniously.

What do people think is the best way to do this? - write code to handle two the return messages from both cameras at the same time (if so how on earth would I do this). - use an ELM624DS ( - or some other way