Anyone making a USB-C host controller? Know how to?


Charging/powering USB-C…

The standard has the host controlling/determining the correct voltage to send to a device, up to 20V via (I think just) 4 modes. They never said in the spec that the current supplied should be limited, which I think of as more of a ‘minimum’ current capacity a device can expect at the given voltage.

The USB chargers I’ve seen (a la Amazon links: Anker, Anglink, etc.) have been heavy due to having a multi-tap wire transformer for below 20v voltages, and a dedicated one for 20V. This is also to allow more than just a single USB-C device to be plugged in (wattage/heat, no doubt). They call it a PD (“Power Delivery”) Port, and usually throw in a PowerIQ (Qualcomm fast charge?) port for good measure, which looks interchangeable with the USB 3 socket.

I am trying to make a charger for USB-C, nothing more. No hub comms, nothing. I’m hoping to communicate with the USB device to ask it (or have it tell me) what voltage ‘mode’ it needs, and that is it. The devices in the links above are overly fancy for this ‘getting my big toe wet’ project.

Has anyone been able to source a USB-C Host Controller IC that can do the job?