Anyone Seen a 5V Solenoid Latch Style? Powered by 4AA Batteries

The latch that I'm looking for is this style of latch:

I can't find it in a 5V! Or even a 9V! Has anyone seen one anywhere? I'm looking to use it on a drawer latch, and won't have the ability to put 12V to it.

If anyone has any options that I'm not thinking of, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, DJM

The 6V ones won't do? Going to need a transistor to turn it on either way.

I never even thought to look for a 6V.

Thanks for the recommendation.

I was planning on using a transistor to accomplish this. I just wanted to have hardware for testing before posting questions related to implementation. Needless to say 4AA won't power it. So looks like 6AA batteries with a Transistor will be the winner. I think it's safe to say 6AA batteries offer higher current allowance than a single 9V battery with longer life correct?

I just started reading about the transistors lastnight also. So Is is possible for 4AA batteries to produce 6V with a high enough current to power it using a transistor? My MultiMeter measures 5.2VDC from 4AA batteries.

Thanks, DJM

Sounds like dead batteries then, or not Alkaline batteries.

Little square 9V battery may last for a couple of retractions, then be dead. Get a big square lantern battery for testing, 6V, lots of current.

Thank You very much for the advice. I'm new to the Arduino World and look forward to learning more.

Ideally I'm looking for something that lasts a couple hundred retractions. Only need the solenoid to retract for 500ms each time. Spring force will force it open once the solenoid has been retracted.

Don't think that I could achieve this with conventional batteries?


Plenty...Tom.... :)