Anyone seen this type LED display

The attached schematic represents 1 of 8 displays that are serial fed. This is a big panel of some commercial use from past. I have started to write a sketch to make simple character generator, but I hate to re-invent the wheel! and I suck at software, that is why I stick to hardware.

Is this similar to any other simple sketch that I can use and modify?



8x16 LED PANEL ER8-816 (2).pdf (99.7 KB)

UPDATE: this display is totally dumb. to begin with, I need to have a look up table that shows how to draw each letter or charichter to be drawn, like the old monochrome monitors. once I know bit structure of first column of the character, I toogle in 1 bit at a time, clock it to push it into bottom of first 16x8 led array, then next bit, so on and so on; then, when the first column is drawn, then I toggle the row shift 1 bit, then repeat second column of first character. I do this for the first 16x8 until first letter is drawn. now I must pull second letter, so on, so on.

pieces I am looking for; a pre-existing lookup table for each of alphabet and numbers, a buffer frame that will allow me to reload entire panel and scroll back and forth, maybe up and down. essentially, erase entire display and redraw, shifted by 1 bit in horiznato or vertical, over and over.

Ok, done more reading, seems I want a font lookup table for letter creation. I need to embed this into code and as a letter is passed, returns column at a time, shifting out to display. IS there a font library already existing?