Anyone still using the Portenta?

Seems like interest in the Portenta has waned over the last year.

I am still very interested, but feel like only a few others are still using the board. The latest Arduino MBED Core release 1.6.1 has a few improvements and a few more examples. This boards software is just starting to get stable and exciting.

Please like or comment if you are still interested.

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i just started with the portenta a few weeks ago. I'm writing my master thesis and want to build a 24GHz radar shield for the portenta. But i have some problems with debugging and i think i have a broken bootloader. here is my post.

As a total beginner in programming embedded systems it can be very fustrating, but step by step i will reach my goal :slight_smile:

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I am just starting with the portenta, and I intend to use it in the BMS sector.

This seems to be a powerful and flexible board, but it definitely does not have the same volume of code shared, so virtually no shared basis to build on.
I fully intend to share basic code like connecting the portenta to Modbus RTU or IP or I/Os, as soon as some code of mine on it will work. Right now I am just trying to connect it to the IoT Cloud (wifi or preferably IP socket).
In parallel, we are working on a nextion-based tactile screen that could be eather clipped on the Portenta Machine Control or surface-mounted on the cabinet, using the CAN bus in both cases to connect it to the portenta MC through a Nano Every and an SPI/CAN shield.

So Yes, some do work on the Portenta ...

Didier, DG2R

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Wow, that post got really technical really fast. I agree the portenta has connection issues sometimes, but even with the regular arduino IDE I can always use usb for power, re save a basic sketch, double press the button, find the port and reboot the portenta. Have you tired it without the breakout board?

Nice DG2 the lack of example code issue is a problem.

I have never used CAN bus, but have other examples at my library portenta_pro_community_solutions. I am also trying to connect to cloud servers with some issues, just starting to test my own node server to see what works.

The communication over USB doesn't work. The problem is, that the USB tranciever needs the two voltages "+3V1SW" and "+1V8", which the power supply doesn't provide, because the MCU doesn't start up the power supply :man_facepalming:
I am out of ideas.

We will now buy some new Portentas, hoping that this error will not occur again

I recently bought an h7. To be honest it's a little more of a learning curve than expected.

A lot of more basic code doesn't transfer over directly, and that hurts it.

I also have a few teensy 3.5 4.1 etc. For me most of my work is in control systems, and the dual processor/integrated features seemed really promising. But if I can't do the more basic stuff easily, I don't expect that taking advantage of more advanced features will be likely.

I will keep trying with it, but it seems like the h7 is going to sink. Price is so high that not a lot of people are getting on board to work through the issues. The advertisement is for easy to implement professional grade solutions. But so far, some of the issues aren't even "easy" or "hard" they're flat out mysteries.
Other platforms exist that cost less and have more streamlined integration.

To be honest, real PROs go with the actual development kits from ST (Discovery boards for example). They are actually cheaper and more integrated (most comes with LCD, flash, sensors, etc).

It's unfortunate that the base Portenta board didn't broke-out the most essential pins (SWD). This would have allowed the PROs to play with it and maybe contribute some good code.