Anyone teaching / using MIXLY (BLOCKLY for Arduino)?

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I'd like to discuss MIXLY with anyone teaching younger kids (Say grades 4..9 or so).. I have been working on this for quite a while. I have made a large quantity of Arduino-based kits for schools and universities. Like These:

But younger kids have difficulty with the connection problems using breadboards, jumpers, LEDs and resistors etc. and in the classroom too much time is spent on the "It Doesn't WORK!" support.

So I have been working with my friends in China on hardware and now on good drag-drop programing to support it.

You have probably seen SCRATCH and other visual drag-drop systems. BLOCKLY is a Google Thing that provides a framework to build drag-drop programming systems.

MIXLY is an Arduino-Specific implementation and the guys I work with in China have added a library of their modules to it. It looks like this for a simple BLINK

Here is a more complex example, proving that this is not just a toy! This example connects to a DHT11 module that measures temperature and humidity, and an LCD Display. It reads the humidity and temperature in C, then converts C to F. It displays the values on the LCD display. THere is an optional pushbutton. If connected, it changes the displayed temperature from Centigrade to Fahrenheit.

I was able to do that in about a hour total. With some learning curve..

Anyone who's into this stuff please check in!

The whole thing I'm working on is here:

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Hi UPDATE: We have latest 1.08 Version of MIXLY running well and have project in process to make low cost / free Arduino Distance Learning kits.

See: YoungMakersYourDuino - ArduinoInfo

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