Anyone tried programming a Pi or BB from the cloud?

Ready for real users to bang on it?

I hope this isn’t an indicator that they are going to be focusing development work on the Arduino Web Editor and not also adding those features to the real IDE. There is some precedent for this with the way the Arduino Web Editor links the board selection to a sketch (a feature that has been requested for the regular IDE many times over the years) but this is seems like a much more significant change.

As someone who primarily works with (and on) 3rd party hardware packages the Arduino Web Editor is not useful to me.

I would love to see the real IDE run on a Pi3 (works now) and build code to run on the same Pi3 (not possible yet). When ready, deploy the same code to Pi Zeros running headless.

This announcement does indicate there is now support for running Arduino sketches in Linux systems such as the Pi. If this capability is added to the real IDE, I will be happy to give it a try.

I do not trust cloud projects because even with the best of intentions insecurity is a big problem. But I will probably give this a try. I have a spare Pi2 somewhere. It would be interesting to see if a sketch can access the output of a USB camera.

I don't think it can run on the same Pi as you're using for programming, but I thought this looked interesting:

No need for the Arduino Web Editor, in fact you couldn't use the web editor for this purpose since it doesn't support 3rd party hardware packages.

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

There is very little information/examples for the ArduinoCreate Raspberry Pi support. I have gotten a trivial example to run like this on a Pi Zero W.

void setup() {

uint32_t loopCount=0;

void loop() {
  CloudSerial.print("hello ");