Anyone upgrade iPad air (iOS8)?

So I was going to take some time to upgrade my wife's iStuff this week. I removed all useless stuff and made 6.9Gb (if memory serves) of free space on her ipad air 16GB. That's more than enough with the 6.7GB-ish required by the update. So I downloaded the update. It took about 4 GB out of my free space. So 2.7GB left. It claims after download the package is only 1.7Gb, not the 4Gb it ate up. OK stupid but let's upgrade!

No, now it needs another 6.9Gb. But wait, just in the afternoon the capacity went back to 6.9Gb free. So maybe some error. It's downloading the huge upgrade again. Hope it goes through. On to the iTalkie stuff upgrade. Will update post.

How come apple can't cut up its upgrades into smaller sizes? Do the newer iStuff take SD cards now or not? 100USD for 16GB added space is getting super lame. I usually use the ipad for web surfing when she is not using it. But now I more and more rely on my Dell venue pro 8 with win 8.1. It's one fine 200 USD machine with an SD slot for all my crap, such as arduino, office and cad software.

If you plug it into a computer with iTunes on it, you can upgrade the device through iTunes. The update is downloaded and extracted on your computer, so you don't need to worry about free space on the device. You may need to remove the pass code first, and then boot the iPad into recovery mode (hold down Home while plugging in the USB cable).

Thanks. I successfully installed the upgrade. Next time I'll try the itunes upgrade. Maybe with the iphone.

Never update with OTA. Ever use iTunes. Better, smarter, smaller, more secure way to upload.
When Apple releases 7.something I installed it with OTA and got my iPhone start suffering of lag problems: when I was opening an app, I had to wait 3/5 secs with the screen freezed. Slow response to all the phone (making a call, moving through apps etc). I reinstalled it with iTunes and solved every problem. Since then, only iTunes.