Anyone uploaded Extracore with Duemilanove ??

I got a couple of ExtraCore boards. I would like to upload them with the DueMilanove board (as FTDI with microcontroller removed)

I connected the Extracore board as a Pro Mini (5V, GND, RXi, TXo, DTR). Also tried to connect the Reset pin straight from the Duemilanove board (instead of DTR) But cannot get it to upload a sketch (communication is working)

I have never used the Optiboot loader before.

Any ideas? Can the Duemilanove board handle controllers with Optiboot loader ?

Most of this post should be sticky-ed. Maybe it will help you.,61776.0.html

I did some more testing and after reading that the Uno board uses the OptiBoot bootlader, and Extracore also seem to use the OptoBoot loader, I just selected the Uno board under Tools.
Now I can upload the blink sketch. I have not tried the more complex sketches yet.
Contrary to the standard use of the FTDI connector (with the DTR signal) I am using the Reset signal directly on the ExtraCore side. This means that the coupling capacitor C13 is used on the Duemilanove board.
The connections are very simple. See attached image.

Good sounds like success! Does that small board have a 328 on it? That is what it looks like but, it is hard to tell.

Yes, 328 ExtraCore board by Dustin Andrews for sale for $15 at Rugged Circuits. I am looking at this board because it has all available pins (incl. A6 and A7) routed out.

The instructions here should indeed work fine:,61776.0.html Note that the 120ohm resistor in the diagram is built in to the ExtraCore board, so you don't need another.

Thanks for the link! I added it to the Instructable.