Anyone use a VMA-314 PIR sensor? Help with repeat/no repeat

There is a total lack of actual documentaion on this product. Here is what’s availabile:

I’m watching dronebot workshop’s vids on the similar hc-sr501 and he has jumpers for the L/H thingies. My sensor does not so I cannot easily configure it. Has anyone used this sensor before and or can just tell me by the look of it what I’m supposed to do???

Seems just a re-branded HC-SR501

Just turn the ‘time’ pot (P1) fully anticlockwise (and leave it there).
Then the release time is the shortest (<= 3sec.).
Now you can control any other timings in software, without the sensor mucking it up.

Leave the ‘sense’ pot (P2) in the middle. It controls false alarms (reaction time), not distance.

Many HC-SR501 threads on this site. Here’s a recent one.