Anyone use Pad2Pad before?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has used Pad2Pad custom pcb software before or ordered from them? I am using it now and love it, but I'd like to hear some positive feedback about their pcbs and such. If you have used them, was manufacturing time and shipping somewhat accurate to their quotes? How did the pcbs turn out? Could you post a picture of a pcb you received from them? Would you use them again? Should I be using Pad2Pad to design a pcb but ordering from a different place because of prices? Thanks

Search around this (or any electronics) forum and you'll find vast information on the different PCB fabs available. You'll also find huge amounts of threads on different PCB design software.

As far as using Pad2Pad to design and someone else to fab... are you sure Pad2Pad allows exporting Gerber? No fab will accept their proprietary file format.

Since "pricing" always "depends" I would start with a review like the following to price out what other shops can offer.

Not an exhaustive list but starts to give you an idea on other options.