Anyone use the AI7688H?

I acquired a AI7688H some time back and am feeling the sting of poor no documentation for the thing. Just wondering if anyone is using one and can clarify a few things for me. All I have is the actual 7688 module.

For those that don’t know what it is, it is a WiFi SOC (Linux) module using the MT7688 chipset. I’m looking at using it for it’s USB host capabilities for video and running along with a Teensy for an ongoing project.

I have only been able to find a generic pinout for it, and that doesn’t even give the indexing for the card. I figured that out though.

Everything I have have been able to dig up says it’s a 3V3 only module, yet it’s also has a USB power/mcu port and the usb host port, which are 5V. I found a development board using it (no documentation either) which appears easy enough to see the top, and there is no LDO, level shifting, or anything other than a few led’s unless the bottom is populated with it. So now I have the dilemma, shift everything down the 3V or hope the circuitry is in the module.

I might very well put this up in a little cloud of smoke, but I would prefer it not be something silly. Google searches give me the datasheet for the MKT chipset, or the generic sheet for the module. All those for sale have the same as their references. The forum for it is a ghost town.