Anyone used

Just found this site, some very good prices on electronic bits indeed and states free shipping - but I have never heard of it before?

I don't think it is actually in the UK. It will ship in from abroad and then you will have to pay VAT, the post offices collection charge and possibly import duty. Try and order stuff it is usually in the shipping conditions.

Thats what I thought, it looks a bit suspect. Just gone as far as the cart though and doesn't say anything apart from free postage?

Their "Contact Us" shows HKT Hong Kong Time and the dialling code +86 is China...

This page says it all:-

Ah right thanks. I guess it should be OK because I think I the UK you don't pay import tax on goods under £10-15, just a shame shipping takes forever!

because I think I the UK you don't pay import tax on goods under £10-15,

No it's not import duty it is VAT and sometimes it is waved although strictly you have to pay it. There is also an £8.00 VAT collection fee that goes to the post office so often this is greater than the 20% VAT. Incidentally you also pay 20% VAT on the post offices collection fee.

Import duty is totally separate and is applied at the rate according to the category of goods. So sometimes this can tip things over the limit they decide to wave the VAT.

So for small purchases it can be good but don't be tempted to buy too much.

Oh I see that makes sense, thanks for the heads up Mike. It's kind of hard to know what the limit would be I guess, under £5 be OK?