Anyone using fritzing can help me here?

I am making a part for a 4*4 membrane matrix keypad but somehow when I imported the .svg file to fritzing, fritzing fails to use the included Arial font and I only have 2 options and one of them is a droid font. The font makes all texts super small to the point that they can't be seen. Any way to fix this? Thanks.

Why are you using fritzing? I thought you had an eagle license.

It makes decent connection diagrams for beginners to follow. I'm not creating PCBs with it (not crazy enough). This library I am working on will unite input devices under one roof. I gotta make nice connection diagrams for newbies. If I can fix this problem of tiny font, it's time for MS Paint then :)

Hi liudr, you basically have two options here: - Vectorize the font in your drawing software, so that it's a shape and no longer a font/text. - Use Droid directly in your drawing software, and set the desired font size there. The fonts are included in the Fritzing part template package (

Hope that helps, André (from Fritzing)

Thanks André.

I will give it a try. I can't believe I didn't find a membrane matrix keypad part for fritzing. I found a black plastic matrix keypad, the one that has messed-up row and columns.