Anyone works in the project sentry gun by Bob Rudolph ?

Hi there, im newbie and new study arduino lately, i found a site called Project Sentry Gun, awesome project and i'm interested in building a sentry gun.

I need help to explain how PSG software can communicate serial with arduino? I read line by line at the code contained in

So can anyone explain where line and sections which code describes how the servo is connected to the arduino can receive commands from the software ?

Thanks before, sorry for my bad english and knowledge, i want to learn and deepen about arduino and processing :)

If you’re a newbie, you’re a bit over your head for this. Start gradually. Learn every part individually first. Then connect it together.

On a side note…the autotracking algorithm looks damn good. I have to find out more about this. But ok, it does not seem to have have the military grade trajectory prediction stuff…but nevertheless, pretty impressive.

PS. Wrong....i think it does incorporate target anticipation.

Sorry before,i mean im newbie,but i know arduino basic

I just want to know where the parts of code PSG software there can control servo with autonomous and color tracking using serial com.

Can you help me to tell where the parts ?

There is an amazing software such as PSG,unfortunately if we dont learn from that.