Anything but -- question regarding on-line data visualization

Dear Builders, I've been into Ethernet Shield + Plotly testing for a while, and everything I could experience were seriously bad about So I'm going to forget this way -- for ever. Please, suggest an on-line service for data visualization meet the following requirements: -- working environment with Arduino (Mega2560 + Ethernet Shield, later GSM shield, and Yún), -- well documented library to work with, -- limitless sampling rate, as well as limitless/tunable intervals to show (past hour/day/week/month), -- some statistics (for example, moving average), -- easy access to the graph and the source on-line, -- up to 5 usd/month fee, if any.

My problems with -- whatever I tune maxpoints/fileopt, on-line graphs are limited to 30 measurements (I could make a graph with over 2000 sample points, but it was cleared just after log out and take a look at the graph as a guest, and never could get it back to work, whatever I tried), -- graphs are hard to fine-tune (too many settings), most of them are forgot after log out and log in, changes often not visible on direct link, -- there is no page optimized for mobile view, -- a bit pricy pro plan (12 usd/month, 144 usd/year).

Any hint or idea are wellcome.

Thanks in advance,


No comment on GSM or Yun, but I think Xively and Grovestreams do most of what you need and both are free. Data can be fed continuously, but you may have to generate your own statistics.