Anywhere to get short female jumper wires? around 10CM?

I’ve searched high and low, but all the female-female jumper wires I find are always 20 or 30 centimeters long.

Is there anyplace I can find short ones around 10CM, or even just a little longer and shorter?
Or any way to get the same type of ends and custom make your own lengths?

Hopefully somewhere cheap, and that won’t charge a hefty shipping charge for some tiny wires.

Right now I’ve been having way too long and sloppy wiring, or chopping and soldering to make short ones, which is a pain.

i believe i have seen them at

fkeel: i believe i have seen them at

I previously purchased the crimp connector housings, but I need to get the female/male crimp pins, as it doesn't quite work with the cables I have. Here are the links for building your own custom cables (16-28 gauge hookup wire):

That poulu seems like a good place for making your own, I'll probalby buy some.

Still looking for short ready made ones. The links provided were for ones around 6" long, give or take a little, which is what I always find.

I really wish I could find some short ones around 1", 1.5", and 2" long.

So many times I end up hooking up components that are only an inch apart, but have to use long 6" jumpers, since thats what everywhere sells, and pretty soon its a wiring mess that could be avoided with 1" jumpers.

The mouser site also has ones from Schmartboard that are in 2" and 3" sizes in addition to the 5" (10cm) size I provided. They are a little expensive, but they are the best quality jumpers I have found.

You can also purchase those directly from Schmartboard

The pololu parts and crimper and shells would be the neatest solution possible as it's your choice as to length and color of the wire. However @ 3 - 4 minutes per jumper and about 15 - 20 cents per is the most expensive solution I've seen so far although I just tossed about 300 of the jumpers sold on Ebvay using the same connectors (the Males are usually not crimped properly and expand internally enough to become intermittent or simply fall off the pins after a few uses. I did get some nice pre crimped 40 conductor "dupont" wires W/O shells (you can buy whichever ones you want from 1 to 8 pins there however even @ 1.50 Per cable they are 20 cm long... great for multi conductor "Custom" cables but no solution for your issues. I bought the cables @ "


Another solution would be to buy a longer cable with the right ends (MM, MF, FF), and just cut and splice it in the middle to get the correct length.

On ebay, I see a couple of 10cm 3-wire jumper cables that are made for sensors. There is also this sale which looks like individual wires: