APC220 arduino setup help

good evening and thx for stopping by :slight_smile:

i just got the APC220

and my coputer can find it and the drivers works.

BUT i cant get it to work, now i hooked the APC up to the arduino like this

pin1 GND
pin2 5V
pin3 none
pin4 tx or rx
pin5 tx or rx

(tryed to swith tx and rx but no luck)

now this is my first time playing with RC so i have no clue to how it works

if any more info is needed plz let me know

Sounds like a similar probem to :


The Arduino doesn't do rs232.

thx for the reply.

But my problem is not that i revice ¤%#"%#¤#¤#"W%#"¤ but i dont revice any data at all.. its like they are not talking together. I have no way to se if or if not. I need help from someone that knows how to hook it up