apc220 multipoint , how ?

Hi on the product specs it says we can build a multipoint network any one knows how ? i now have 1 unit in my computer and another on a arduino, i would like to add another arduino with other apc200 client module, but no clue how, beside what is written on the specs: http://droboticsonline.com/ebaydownloads/APC220Mannual.pdf

Please advise.

Have you ever used IM with multiple participants? Each IM session prepends the data that it sends with the id of the user. So, you see a session like:

Tom: What you want to do? Dick: I don't know. What you want to do? Harry: I know. Let's get drunk.

You have no problem following a session like that, right? Now, without the names, it looks like:

What you want to do? I don't know. What you want to do? I know. Let's get drunk.

Hard to say what is going on there, or how many senders are involved, right?

Each device in your network needs to send it's (unique) identifier along with its data (or request for data), so other devices can know where the data came from.

Physically connecting two of the devices to two Arduinos is not different from connecting one to one Arduino.

Having some protocol, where one device is master, and the others slaves that do not initiate transmissions, is helpful to prevent two devices from transmitting at once.

So if i Connect all 3 modules all of them will broadcast the transmission and receive all. I can implement by software some IDs and and discard what I don't need .. I was thinking on something controlled like that but at apc220 firmware level.. I will order another 2 and test it ... Thanks

Dear Fca, I am having the same problem as you, are you able to handle the apc220 multipoint finally? Can it broadcast to all of the APC220 and response with some ID mechanism? Matthew

Hi, I have the same problem as you are. Trying to send multipoint via apc220 isn't easy. Can anyone explain how it's done so that I can try.

Thanks in advance