APC220 wireless can't communicate at 19200 bauds


I'm just using a normal arduino board AT168, with a motor shield and roboduino expansion 3.0 shield, I'm trying to communicate from this shield to the pc with an apc220. Using it at 9600 bauds runs perfectly, but I need to use a faster baud rate due to program specifications, apc220 should also be able to work at 19200 but when I try only receive 'weird' chars... please any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

The link for shields I'm using:


(The first shield, as you can see is prepared for the Apc220)

The link for apc220:


The relevant code is as easy as:

void setup(){



void loop(){



At 9600 runs good, but 19200 no way... maybe old version of apc220?


Hey, I am not able to communicate between my computer and Arduino even with 9600 baud rate. I will be very delighted if you photographed YOUR circuit of the connections of both the APC220 modules and if you send the exact procedure you followed in order to make the modules work with 9600 baud rate. I am not able to get my APC220 module working at all. Can you please guide me through making my module work!


I'm sorry because as I needed a higher speed of communication I finally used a couple of bluetooth to do so.

Anyway, if you are using the first shield of this link:


you will only need to connect the APC220 where it is indicated to. If not, you will need to connect only four pins, 5V, GND, Txd, Rxd, be careful of not connecting the last two on the wrong way...

Connecting those four pins should be enough to get some communication at 9600 bps...

good luck!

I tried as many combinations of solutions as possible but still unsuccessful. The RF-ANET software isn't even recognizing my hardware. Can you please photograph what you have done so that I can see if a problem exist in hardware or software. Please!