apm and arduino board connection

hello, for my project building an autonomous car using arduino, as part as an extra function i would like to use an apm for waypoint navigation. but i would like to know how to connect the apm board to the arduino v5 motor shield.

i would like to be able to switch between two modes. car motion by following the programmed codes on arduino and car motion following the way points. so can anyone please tell me how to connect the both.Thanks.

You connect the apm board to the Arduino not the motor shield. You car is always driven by the Arduino's software you can not have an apm driving the car.
Your program will need to be written so you have a choice of what controls it, data from the apm or the autonomous algorithm controlled by a switch.

@ Grumpy_mike okay but i am having a hard time understanding how to connect the apm to the arduino board. thanks.

Please post a link to the apm board .