apm usb telemtry radio to wifi bridge

I want to connect my pixhawk equipped drone to my android phone using the apm telemetry radio rather than direct wifi.

This is primarily because of range issues. I have one drone with direct wifi mavlink telemetry and it's flakey at best whereas the radio telemetry is much more reliable.

So the plan is to have my USB radio module, (which is normally connected to my laptop), connected to an ESP8266 which is battery powered and placed near where I am controlling the drone from. I then connect to the ESP8266 from my phones wifi and make a UDP connection from within the ground control app. I hope the ESP8266 can simply pass all wifi throughput to the usb radio module and vice versa as if the radio was connected directly to the phone. By the way, the phone does not have a USBOTG enabled port.

I found this guide online but he uses an airborne radio rather than the usb equipped radio for his conversion but I only have 1 pair of radios and obviously I want to use the USB equipped radio on the esp8266.

I also have no experience with ESPlorer and am hoping I can do this via arduino IDE.

I have a Wemos D1 mini on hand along with a battery shield and plan to connect the 5v and ground to the usb plug of the radio but I am not sure if the Tx and Rx can be connected to the D+ and D- on the usb plug. I'm guessing not.

What is the best way to achieve this.