Apologies for this noob question, beginner stuck on a school project

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So I'm recreating this bipedal robot: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-A-Simple-Bidepal-Humanoid-Robot/

I have the legs built and all the materials, but I'm stuck at-

step 3: wiring; please reference the photo album on step 3 of the guide

Now connect the for motors on the breadboard. The last pin in each motor wire is brown signifying NEGATIVE. On the breadboard connect all the left side pins to one common negative pin. Similarly connect all the middle pins to one common POSITIVE pin. These common pins are now connected to the Gnd (for Negative) and +5V (for positive) respectively. The first pin goes into the PWM pins of the arduino. If you've used servo's with an arduino before you'll find this step awfully simple to understand. If you've never used arduino's and servo's before I recommend you view the following link to better understand how they work.



Here are my materials: Materials for my bipedal robot - Album on Imgur

I have 4 mini servos that need to be powered, a mini breadboard, wires, and an arduino r3.

I read all the links, but still have no clue how to wire. I understand that if I hook the power wire of one of the servos to the 5V pin it will work. However, how do I power all 4 servos and route power through the mini breadboard?

If anybody could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

TLDR; Need help making bipedal robot. How to power 4 mini servos and wire through mini breadboard?


On the breadboard, I think you will need to use 3 rows for each servo, and wires,

Or use male-to-male wires and connect the wire directly to the servo connector