App Inventor interface to arduino

I'm trying to use an arduino board as a webserver and want to respond to an app inventor application using 'getvalue' on tinywebdb but I'm having a problem working out what the response format is. Has anyone managed to get this to work and can they point me in the direction to get this to work?

Where is your code?

Your in the worng place- here we deal with software to run ON the arduino. As such you MUST define what is being sent to the arduino and what is the format of any required response. The arduinos do not give a flying thingy as to the source of the request nor to they know or care what the flying thatsit is that gets the output is. They do care about the use of serial or wifi or e-net or two tin cans with a bit string between as this changes the way data is sent/r received BUT not the content.