App to monitor GPS by phone

I've built an Android app to receive the NMEA sentences transmitted from a GPS board. It parses the sentences to provide and display the parameters of interest. It also shows the location on a Google map.

The aim was to build a portable convenient and reliable device to monitor the progress of a GPS. The GPS board connects to the phone via a TTL/USB converter and OTG cable.

In the zip file below is the executable app (.apk file). A link to the full project (aia file) is provided below so other MIT App Inventor users can review the blocks (the source "code").

Although this project doesn't involve an Arduino component, it is a useful tool for anyone building an Arduino GPS device. I'm finding it very handy. I hope others find value in it.

Screenshot below. The GPS has a fix and the sat signals are indicated by the green bars.

The executable .apk file is in this zip file: (3.8 MB)

The full project (.aia file) is here:
.aia project file

Comments and suggestions are welcome. This is an improved version of one I posted about recently.

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