Apparently a grounding issue

Building an IR controlled venetian blinds tilt. Relay operates when servo ground is disconnected, but does not operate when servo ground is connected. Relay is used to break power to servo when servo is idle to prevent "hunting". IR picture is incorrect in diagram, but wiring is proper. What's wrong?

Can you provide a circuit diagram instead of cable spaghetti?

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I didn't know Cirkit Studio, so I'm testing it now. The program does the wire routing. I can not organize the wiring myself.

Hi @tedlemmon.

Probably your +5V source is not able to supply the current that the circuit demands.
Servo draws a lot of current even when not moving.
And this may be affecting your source's supply.
If you have a DVM, measure the source voltage with the servo ground on and off.

RV mineirin

It does the wire routing according to your circuit idea. A hand drawn circuit diagram is sufficient for verifying your circuit.

Installation and Troubleshooting is for Problems with the Arduino itself NOT your project. It says so in the description of the section. Therefore I have moved your post here.

You may want to read this before you proceed:-
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A hand-drawn schematic is far, far superior to pretty pictures.

Except perhaps, for the handwriting. :grin:

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