Apple Remote's repeat code


I am working on a small project that uses an IR led to send Apple Remote - IR-codes to control a docked iPhone's music player.

I am sending out IR commands using AppleRemote -code (a code similar to this: but it has defined the repeat code, too, as 0xFFFFFFFF). I can use that for sending individual commands and that works just fine, but how can I do repeat? I mean like fast forwarding a track, that on AppleRemote works holding down the next -key.

Most google results I have come across say that I should first send the code I want, followed by the repeat code (0xFFFFFFFF) but I can't get that working. I have tried a blank scetch with just the necessary things and sending the two commands with irsend.sendNEC.

Sending just the next -key code repeatedly just makes the iPhone to jump a hundred tracks forward. Sending the repeat code doesn't seem to do anything.