Applecaster – The digital guitar neck

Hey guys,

This is a project, I did in my design studies (In the HS Mannheim, MAD Lab).
It's a digital guitar neck, that can play 8bit-sounds and it's based on an Arduino Mega.

Here's a video:

In the process of transferring into a digital instrument, the classical elements of a guitar neck (strings, frets, tuners) are used. However, the function of this elements gets alienated.

Frets and strings of the Applecaster are connected to an Arduino Mega. By pressing a string to a fret, an electric circuit is closed. The Arduino Mega reads this Information an defines, depending on fret and string, the fitting tone. This gets sent to an amp. By an poti it's possible to adjust the volume.

I hope, you like it.

For more informations:

Very well done

Than you