Application not running on OSX v10.5.8


I originally had a post over in the hardware section about this, but I figured I should open a post here now that the issue appears to be 100% software related. (original post:

When attempting to load the application on my MacBook (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Dueo, running OS X v10.5.8) nothing happens. Though the icon animates to suggest the application launched, no GUI displays, and no active process shows up in activity monitor.

No messages/errors/alerts of any kind display.

The operating system is fully up-to-date, and I've removed JVM and re-installed it from the Software Update utility multiple times.

I've also downloaded and installed the Arduino application multiple times, including each version going back about 4 versions.

While I have spent many hours (Friday night, and most of Saturday and Sunday) searching google and various forums attempting to find an occurrence of this issue that has a resolution, none has been found. I have, however, been contacted by another individual with the same issue. Sadly he too has not had any luck getting the application to launch.

Unfortunately, at this point it may be too late for me. I was supposed to spend last weekend making progress on my project, not attempting to get the application to launch. To make matters worse this represents a significant financial loss for me, as the time-sensitive project had money invested in it. So unless I can get this application running in the next day or two, and can call in sick to work for a couple days, I'm screwed.

Suggested solutions I (regretfully) can not apply: - Get another computer to run XP - Don't have that option - Upgrade to Snow Leopard - Even though it's a cheap upgrade, I don't have the budget right now. - AVR-GCC / AVRDUDE - I'm far too frustrated/stressed right now to attempt to learn a new production pipeline.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and much praise to those who have tried to help so far!


This wont solve your immediate problem of Arduino not running, but perhaps you could use a text editor, such as TextMate, and then compile / upload from the command line.

It works really well (especially with the TextMate arduino bundle). I could post my Makefile if you are interested.

The main thing you end up missing out with is the Serial Monitor, but you could probably monitor the Serial port some other way.


The issue was resolved last night thanks to some fantastic help from the forum.

Turns out that the JVM the app was looking for was disabled in the Java Settings panel. No idea how it was disabled since I never disabled it, and I'm the only person to ever use this MacBook.

Thanks again to all who helped.

Time to get coding!